Smooches for Pooches

The goal for Smooches for Pooches and Kisses for Kitties, Inc. is to help raise funds for pets in need.

We recognize that many pets do not have proper homes and that some pets with homes do not receive adequate health care due to the financial limitations of the owner. Current humane societies and animal welfare organizations have limited funds available to meet a broad array of needs. Some pet owners are not able to afford health care and this becomes particularly stressful during an emergency situation when decisions need to be made quickly and normal funding may not be available (off hours, nights/weekends etc.). Currently emergency care funding is very limited.

The initial goal is to complete a yearly fundraiser. The proceeds of the fundraiser will be donated to local pet –related charities.

This year the organized fundraiser includes a competition between primary care veterinary hospitals/practices. These practices are located in Frederick and Washington County Maryland. The fundraiser is occurring during the month of February. We have provided a sign to explain the fundraiser to each practice, donation slips and give away packages for the persons donating.  Each person that donates money fills out the slip and the practice can post these in their clinic. At the end of the month we collect all the slips. The hospital that raised the most money receives a catered lunch for their staff. Second and third place winners receive gift certificates. This year the fundraiser is supported by CARE -Crossroads Animal Referral and Emergency, LLC (see description Part V).  CARE is providing all of the materials, the giveaway packages and funding the winning prizes. CARE is also matching $1 per ticket collected. All of the monies will be donated to local charities to include Frederick County Humane Society, Washington County Humane Society,  Frederick County Animal Welfare League and U2SA (Uniting to Save the Animals).

We hope to organize a larger event in future years. This could include an event with a reception/food, entertainment, silent auction and games/competitions. This event would be supported by companies and individuals in addition to CARE. These participating sponsors would receive promotion through the event. It would be attended by local individuals and the monies collected donated to local pet charities.

A second future goal is to establish and emergency pet care fund. These funds would be available to individuals in need of urgent or emergency care for their pet and could be available quickly to meet these urgent needs. To qualify the individual must demonstrate a true need for these funds, be willing to pay a portion of the costs, understand and comply with the recommended medical treatments and their pet must have a condition with a good prognosis. It is anticipated that this program would function within CARE (see disclosures Part V), but CARE is not expecting to significantly benefit from providing this treatment. The objective is to keep pets that can be returned to health with their owners as currently many pets in these circumstances are relinquished or euthanized. CARE can provide these services in a cost effective manner that allows proper treatment while still providing for the costs of performing the treatment (employee salaries, supplies, hospital operations).

Smooches for Pooches